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I love my child.  LOVE her.  I love my husband.  LOVE him.  But the fact is I enjoy working.  Beyond the obvious, staid reasons for working (financial independence, control of my own destiny, intellectual fulfillment, blah blah blah) there are several reasons I have come to appreciate my work life even more now that I’m a mother.

1. I talk, people listen.

2. I tell someone to do something, they do it.  Immediately. (Or at least tell me they will do it immediately.)

3. I can close my office door and people knock before coming in. When they do come in they ask “is this a good time?”

4. I can drink an entire cup of coffee from start to finish while it is still hot without moving it to higher ground.

5. There’s no crying (well almost none).

6. Free use of the word ‘fuck’.

7. I get to wear nice clothes without fear of a vomit/ marker/ milk (ahem) ‘incident’.

8. I get to sit.  In a chair.

9. Clutching a co-worker’s leg is generally frowned upon.

10. Rarely, if ever, has a colleague turned my purse upside down, spewing its contents across the office, looked up at me and intoned, “sorry mommy”.

11. My office provides an entire additional venue to display really cute photos of my three-year old & her art. (smile here.)

Why do you love your office and/or work life?